REVIEW : Intro Course March 2012

Few days ago an interesting group of people gathered and yet another successful 3-day Introduction to Permaculture Course was held as part of The CAP: Constructing a Resilient Future Project. The sun glimmered brightly on the awaking land and spring aromas revived the spirits, facilitating the chipping in of participants in the mesmerizing Bahrija surroundings.

By using educational videos, inclusive interactive discussions and hands-on activities partakers were introduced to Permaculture Ethics and Principles as well as their function in our present and future environments.  Appreciation goes to the chef and helping staff for the delicious vegetarian food served during all lunches, tutors and host for the opportunity to meet people, learn and create a fusion of ideas.

At the end of this 3-day preparatory journey before moving to their quotidian lives, participants were presented with the new official Permaculture Research Foundation certificates and urged to share the obtained awareness with others.