A Rain Forest for a Garden?

A Rain Forest for a Garden?

When someone mentions the Rainforest, most of us envision the most pristine natural environment, with multiple shades of lush green and natural sounds. A natural garden packed with plants and animals thriving with life. Everything is kept in balance through a harmonious ecosystem.  The Rain forest is probably nature’s highest expression of a truly sustainable form of synchronized communities of life forms. Yet very few people will think it’s possible to replicate the forest in a small yard, roof or urban space.

A permaculture Aquaponics food forest

Imagine the sound of water flowing down cascades and passing through the garden. Imagine the same forest lushness in your back yard or on your roof. What’s more? That little forest in your backyard can be full of food for you and your family.  Aquaponics is an integrated system of plants growing together with fish.  Each component in this carefully designed system works just like in a forest ecosystem.

Symbioses! Each living component supports another and the design grows and becomes a thriving garden of abundance.  Permaculture gives us the framework of thought to use creatively and responsively to our current challenging issues. It helps us overcome problems such as, hunger, food sovereignty, pollution, transportation, food miles etc etc.

The Urban Food-scapes
The Permaculture Research Foundation has been researching programs & designs that can be elaborated in the urban environment. Bringing food growing systems in the cities where the people are. Furthermore, with the food comes also a wider part of nature as such systems attract biodiversity and work just like an ecosystem. Such food-scapes can be designed differently to fit the specific area, site & requirement with having as little involvement and maintenance a one wishes.

The other good thing is that these systems use little water in comparison to conventionally grown food and thus require less inputs over time. Having said that, a good design and start-up input is necessary to get it going. However, once it is set, it matures quickly and reaps you great rewards.

A new video showcasing Peppi’s Technological Award winning design will be released soon.

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