The Oasis now Open for Retreats

After 10 years of putting Permaculture principles into practice, a wind swept patch of soil in the Fomm ir-Rih valley, has been turned into the Bahrija Oasis – self-sufficient permaculture farm and thriving food forest!

This farm is a permaculture showpiece, where when can see working examples of some of the most inspiring techniques of permaculture design.  From the first day, everything was carefully constructed to be in a synergistic relationship with the forces of nature.  Not the common practice of bending nature to our will, rather designing so intelligently, that these forces are harnessed to help provide for our human needs, whilst at the same time benefitting the natural environment and contributing to the ecological health of the land.

Staying at the Bahrija Oasis will allow you to experience for yourself, how we can live with nature comfortably and happily!  These retreats offer the opportunity to truly experience self-sufficient living.  Where your food gets recycled back into the land via composting toilets, where you are eating food grown bio-dynamically on the land itself, and where the happy population of geese, chickens, goats and a dog are also part of a living natural balance.

You will be introduced to the principles of ecological living and biodynamic agriculture and also get the opportunity to do some hands on work on the farm – giving you practical skills and knowledge that you can take back to your garden, roof or terrace!

Some of our retreats will also give you the chance to explore some of Malta’s most magical sites. For example the megalythic temples, the crystal clear waters of Fomm ir-rih, Mdina and Buskett forest.

Next retreat is coming up on the 30th of August….Book through Facebook or by email at