News from the Malta permaculture team

Greetings from the island of Malta, The first cold days of winter are here and as we start adding more layers on and stoking the fire to keep us warm, we are also happy to announce our fantastic new website.

Before, I go ahead, I would like to say a big thank you to all the team; Stiefnu, Kuluri, Simon, Aniko and all the other elves and fairies that have been working behind the scenes to help us manifest this much.

We have had a fantastic summer with a number of events and courses. Our six day courses have been great, and since our last course our permaculture family has grown. We have new active members as well as those that fluctuate and contribute every now and then. More active and dedicated participants have made a number of exchanges and contributions to the ever growing momentum of the earth community. We are seeing newly motivated young people expand fresh projects as well as reinforce their conscientious choices and decisions. We have also been receiving lots of positive feedback as well as pictures of new undertakings with regards to permaculture design, new gardens as well as other initiatives. Needless to say, this is the best reward we can get which makes us believe that what we are working on is well worth it.

Having said that, this year we are teaming up with Richard Perkins (UK tutor) to bring you a fresh and dynamic Permaculture Design Course (PDC 2014) Click here to go to link. This is a unique & great opportunity to learn and become part of a working team, explore new horizons or learn the skills to employ them on your own project.

Permaculture is the most able and fruitful language that one can learn in our age, whether you are already on the path, or about to do your first step, we can help you get equipped, inspired and fired up to a steady future. Join us on this productive journey, meet other earth citizens and lets expand the horizons together.

The Permaculture Malta team.