Conversation with Polly Higgins

The Bahrija Oasis – home of Permaculture Malta welcomed lawyer for the Earth Polly Higgins for a day of conversation and sharing. The Oasis was the perfect environment to bring together two beautifully ‘unreasonable’ people – Polly and Peppi.
They are unreasonable in the sense of refusing to accept a status quo that doesn’t fit with their heart’s vision.

They are choosing to create a world based on the values they believe in. The farm is a truly remarkable example of how land can be restored in a short space of time – when we work in harmony with the forces of nature. It is a working example of how diverse, resilient and abundant biodynamic agriculture can be. Polly’s mission to create a law for the earth is in perfect fit with the Permaculture vision of stewardship of the earth. After working as a lawyer in London for many years Polly realised that there was a far more important client that need her legal skills – the earth. And so she began a journey that started with the question, “what would a law to protect the earth look like? How can we create a legal duty of care for the earth?”

In 2010 she submitted a proposal to the UN to amend the Rome Statute to include an International Crime of Ecocide. The Rome Statute is one of the most powerful documents in the world, and it is where the current laws against genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity are legislated against. The addition of the law against ecocide would have a dramatic change on how we currently view our relationship to the environment. Both on an individual scale and on a corporate scale. The law against ecocide will prevent mass environmental destruction on a UN level. One that will automatically have to be transposed into national regulations. This will create a legal basis for our responsibility of care for the earth. A basis that we shouldn’t but unfortunately do seem to need.

Permaculture offers a tool box full of ways to live and work in harmony with our environment, it shows that the duty that Ecocide law will enforce is not only perfectly possible, but absolutely beautiful.

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You can find out more about Polly’s mission and message here |

Also Polly’s latest book I DareYou To Be Great is also available through Heart to Heart Funding from The Grassy Hopper