Events at the Oasis

Bahrija Oasis is a unique and special place and a haven of peace and nature.

Visitors can relax, enjoy the nature and be inspired by the work, ethics, principles and creative flow of energy that built and sustain this living example of permaculture design.

Part of our work at the Oasis is conveying these ethics and principles to the wider community. We offer our work as inspiration to help people, communities and companies improve their performance through active positive observation and assimilation of Nature’s design and growth.

We believe that economic growth and social wellbeing cannot be sustained without a healthy environment. We are excited by the growing awareness of the need to develop and implement sustainability strategies and environmental practices to support current and future generations.  Our sustained prosperity will be achieved by reducing the negative environmental impacts of  many of our current activities and by moving relentlessly towards the pervasive application of environmentally restorative design and practices.

We organize small group events that showcase our work, teach, inspire and provide stimulating hands on activities founded in the symbiotic relationship between people and the environment.

Examples of activities 

  • Garden with nature
  • Feed our lovely chickens, geese and goats
  • Harvest fresh produce grown with love
  • Distribute sweet compost to help stimulate the soil life
  • Build small useful  items with bamboo
  • Learn a bit of bush craft
  • Observe the stars through a telescope (at night)
  • Cook on a fire

Some of our favourite presentation topics

  • Building on Natural Capital
  • Patterns in Nature
  • Introduction to Permaculture Principles
  • Permaculture and Corporate Social responsibility
  • Natural Architecture

Our small scale research and development project promoting Permaculture systems, Agroforestry and Integrated green technology with Ecological land based living through sustainable practices provides a wealth of metaphors and inspiration for everyday life and business.. We will work with you to customise an itinerary to maximise the relevance of your visit.

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