A Weekend at the Bahrija Oasis makes you feel like you have left the world behind and literally entered an Oasis. Situated on the Western Edge of Malta, facing the idyllic Fomm ir-Rih valley, the cleanest air on the island blows through the farm.

We offer two types of Retreats:

Week long Retreats
Weekend Retreats

Upcoming retreat: TBC

Please watch video interview on your right with founder Peppi Gauci talking about the weekend  retreats.

The land has been totally transformed from a wind swept desolate ridge, to a thriving mediterranean food forest, through the principles of Permaculture Design and is now accepting it’s first visitors. It is now a showcase of ethical land stewardship and hosts numerous indigenous trees, shrubs, medicinal herbs and more.

These retreats offer the opportunity to truly experience life on a permaculture farm – completely self-sufficient for it’s water and electricity needs, growing it’s own food and home to a happy population of geese, chickens, goats and one naughty dog. You will be introduced to the principles of ecological living and biodynamic agriculture and also get the opportunity to do some hands on work on the farm.

You will learn how to build with bamboo, make your own compost and even take the Oasis goats out for a sunset walk.

Also during your free time:

  • Enjoy countryside walks. Our location is right on the West coast and enjoys breathtaking views of the cliffs, the sea and also our sister island Gozo. Our location is on a valley side and one can also walk down to have a look at the endemic fresh water crab that is our neighbour.
  • Enjoy a walking trip to our ancestor’s lands. We are situated at the foot of a bronze age site. Although there is not much left of it, you can surly experience what it must have been like to live here a few thousands of years ago.
  • Take a trip down to the spectacular Fomm ir-Rih rocky beach and if the weather is good, enjoy a nice swim in the crystal blue waters
  • Take a snorkelling trip around the marine garden of Fomm ir-Rih beach
  • Give a hand on the farm…there is a long list here, so be careful what you ask for!!
  • Kick back and enjoy the quiet space.

Upcoming retreat: 2014 dates TBC

If you have any inquires please email: or connect through the get in touch page.