Designing experiences that inspire others

Mindful of the importance of bringing people into meaningful contact with the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature at Bahrija Oasis, we have designed the experiences below. While the systems mature, the experiences deepen.


Day visits

Bahrija Oasis is open for pre-scheduled, managed visits that showcase the thriving systems to diverse groups of people. So far we have had an array of groups ranging from schools to corporate companies and NGOs. Visits include educational tours tailored to the particular groups. We can also provide food with ingredients from our gardens and hands-on experiences.


Team Building Days 

Days in nature designed around the needs of your company or organisation. We create experiences that translate permaculture principles into simple, fun activities that help renew connections between individuals, create personal wellbeing and encourage systems-thinking in everyday decisions.



Retreats are designed to give deeper experiences into tasting a permaculture lifestyle. Through these retreats we lead groups into further understanding the potential connections and relationships that we create between humans and a healthy ecosystem inclusive of mind, body and soul.



Our courses range from introductory 3-day courses to a 13-day full Permaculture Design Course. Courses have been designed around particular groups’ needs and have been attended by local and international students, some of whom have proceeded with creating their own projects. We can also design Permaculture for Business courses.


For more information about experiences at Bahrija Oasis, please email us on permaculturemalta@gmail.com.